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Regardless of your state in life, you can begin preparing for marriage right now. Whether you are single, dating, seriously dating, engaged, on a break, or grieving a breakup, you can make use of this time for fruitful growth toward becoming a healthy and holy spouse. We believe that intentional discernment of marriage starts today, even if you haven't given or received an engagement ring. Find your current relationship status below and click to get started!

We have partnered with the Theology of the Body Institute to bring you a podcast where we discuss issues relevant to discerning the vocation of marriage and living a holy and joyful married life!

If you are single, we have tools to help you utilize this time to intentionally discern the vocation of marriage even before entering into a committed relationship. If you're deeply longing for your not-yet-known future spouse, we're here to help you handle that ache. 

If you are looking for help to navigate the world of dating, we've got resources to help you date with intentionality while upholding the dignity of both you and your partner.

If you are in a dating relationship and want to be sure your current partner is "the one", this section is for you! We have tips to help give you greater confidence in choosing a spouse.

If you are engaged, we have recommendations to help you supplement your diocesan marriage prep requirements and help you enter more fully into this time of preparation for your upcoming sacrament.

If you are discouraged, frustrated, on a break, or brokenhearted, we have tools to help you grieve in a healthy way, heal from the pain, and move forward in your discernment of the vocation to marriage.

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